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5/22/2017 2:53:54 PM Andy
Avid fan, long-time reader.
Keep up the excellent work!
5/17/2017 11:56:08 AM Steven P Rodermund
I really enjoyed First Strike and the "A Learning
Experience " series but wonder why you have
left both story plots hanging?
4/22/2017 10:20:02 PM Jack Geiger
I love the schooled in magic I bought them
through audible. I have books 1-6 where
can i get the rest of the series in audio
4/5/2017 8:40:10 PM morgan campbell
just wanted to say I love your stories, I am a fan of many of your series from your young adult series schooled in magic to all of your military sci fi books. I wanted to say though as a Veteran US Submariner who is old and worn out please sign me up for the Solar Union!
3/22/2017 4:17:58 PM Moe Naguib
You prolific if nothing else, its reading season in
Northern British Columbia, wanting to re-read Holy
War and The Yeomen of England your two Legacy
of the Aldenata stories.
2/23/2017 6:30:44 PM Jimmy VE
Just finished book 9 of Ark Royal. I really enjoyed
the character development in the final trilogy. I
became quite invested in Susan Onarina, and had
to shed a tear when she was rewarded (no
spoilers) in a way that finally eliminated the self
doubt that had plagued her. A very British
2/2/2017 2:23:59 PM Glenn
I've enjoyed your writing for years. I'm a
Science Fiction fan most of my life, I'm now a
senior fan at 75 years old, and look forward to
reading all your future books. My military career:
4 years USMC infantry, 26 years
US Army; 16 Special Forces, 10 years 82nd
Airborne Division. All 30 years of combat arms,
and 22 years Airborne. Don't think women
should be in ground combat forces.
1/31/2017 3:47:32 PM Josh
I have thoroughly enjoyed your ALE series on
Audible. I love the no BS, politically incorrect
writing style and the narrator does a fantastic job
as well. I am really looking forward to book 4.
1/22/2017 1:12:06 AM Steve Johnston
I have just finished book 13 in "The Empire's Corps" series, and have really enjoyed them. I recently got the first book "the Empire's Corps" on audible, and listened to it on a 1300 mile drive. My wife wanted me to stop for the night at a motel, but i wanted to finish listening to it, so she slept in the car while I drove on wards.... even though i had read it...
1/19/2017 4:58:32 AM Peter Lee
Enjoyed your Poline contribution and the Ark
Royal series immensely & thanks for the free rtf
books, while I prefer paper a tablet reader is
more convenient and practical when travelling
3/12/2016 11:07:42 PM francis
enjoyed ark royal series,love empires marine series especially the profs comments and your afterwords.
2/28/2016 12:06:38 PM Another Chris
Love the Ark Royal series, and am now thoroughly enjoying A Learning Experience! Thank You!
2/21/2016 1:25:44 PM Gilly
Love the ark royal series and angel in the whirlwind is
ace can't wait for the next chapter in both
2/15/2016 8:49:18 PM MONGO actual
Enjoy most of your work ,even paid some!
2/10/2016 6:26:33 PM F Lope
I really enjoy your books. Will Empire Corps have
more books?
2/8/2016 11:41:17 AM Michael Ley
Like 'J Gary Fox' who commented on 1/9/2016,
I too started reading SF in the 1950s Golden
Age. Although a little bleaker than classic
science fiction, your writing brings back a lot of
the fun and excitement that I used to find in
reading science fiction. I also second this
comment made by 'Stewart' on 8/1/2015:
"...Thank you for being one of a series of
amazing authors who have progressed Scifi
novel through science ( or as close to actual
science as is possible ) instead of the
mainstream of authors who use science as a
form of magic and don't look at the laws of
physics and even attempt to try and add them
to their stories..."
1/27/2016 8:04:15 PM Art Detmers
I've just started your A Learning Experience series.
on book 3 now. Not only are they great light
reading but thought provoking as well. Love your
afterwords. Wish I had found you sooner. Thanks

1/9/2016 8:47:19 PM J Gary Fox
You should put a WARNING on all your
books ... "MAY BE ADDICTIVE"! Royal
Ark series has me in its grip and my wife
complains about the time I've been "away"
as I get immersed in them. I just got
sucked into the Fall of the Galactic Empire
and can’t wait until Book 3 is available.
I'm old enough to have started reading SF
in the 1950s Golden Age. After being
“hooked”, I went back and read the
magazines and stories from the 30s and
1940’s. I feel when I read your stories I'm
in a New Golden Age of SF. Your novels
are right up there with Heinlein and
1/9/2016 8:47:47 AM jim regan
just finished ark series looking forward to the next catching up on your past work new fan
1/9/2016 1:19:11 AM hooked on audio
NEED more audio books. I'm in the middle of at least 4 of your series's
1/4/2016 10:49:57 AM TheProfessor
The only comment I wish to make is that I am very glad that he loaded the majority of his books to Kindle. If I had only found them in hardback I would constantly be broke.
1/2/2016 2:52:02 PM Jason Stacy
Howdy, just wanted to say I bought Stormfront... And
really enjoyed it! Looking forward to the sequel...
1/1/2016 4:00:05 PM Joe
Your site has gotten me through recovering from, a
rather nasty auto accident. The worlds are
endlessly fascinating as are the possibilities. The
trolls have some real possibilities that has started
my own journey. Thanks
12/22/2015 6:56:02 AM peter crawley
love your books would like all added to the Book Depository List hardcopies and soft.
12/17/2015 10:57:56 AM Vern Bliss
At age 72, I've been reading science fiction a long time (age 8, Rocket Ship Galileo), and I have thoroughly enjoyed your books. Most recently I have read the two books in your "Angel in the Whirlwind" series and I am looking forward to more books in that series. I really have enjoyed your website, especially your description of your road to writing. Thank you for the many enjoyable hours I have spent reading your books.
12/17/2015 7:02:57 AM Guy
Nearly finished Storm Front - very impressive. Deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence as Harry Turtledove's "In the Presence of Mine Enemies". When's the next installment?

I love your alternative history stuff, but much less interested in books about magic. Why do so many authors want to write about wizards? Harry Potter has much to answer for.
12/15/2015 11:06:20 AM Jack Alvarez
Great writing and good value books.
12/15/2015 7:01:42 AM Jacques Presseault
Have you considered doing a "mirror"
novel to "Second Chance" ? If 2014 Great
Britain is sent back to 1940, then
Churchill's England could show up in
2014 complete with the Old Lion and
those "so few" pilots. Throwing in Charles
De Gaulle and the Netherlands Queen
would add nicely to the mix.
12/11/2015 6:42:23 PM Steve Wool
Thanks for the ride and keep up the good work!
12/8/2015 3:33:39 AM patdailey8488
I have read every book you have published. As a fellow
author, I would like to know where you got your
Information on how women react. You have perfect
female characters. Where the hell does that come from?
I have never seen an author do male and female
characters so well. Do you have 5 sisters?

I can't get past my airborne ranger past life. I believe
women should be allowed into combat.Especially as
fighter pilots.
Where did your female characters come from. I'd like to
emulate it
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