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5/6/2015 10:48:31 PM Stephen Kean
Sorry forgot to put in last message,
My family is from Badger's Quay
5/6/2015 10:45:04 PM Stephen Kean
I am trying to start my Family Tree, so if
anyone has any info that be great. my
father is Charles Gorden Kean son of
Martin Kean and Alma Winter
4/28/2015 8:20:10 AM Chris Wells

This is brilliant! I can't believe how far abck
you got on the Lovett side. Amazing!
If you have any other photos of Dora's
parents and grandparents, could you email
me them?

Absolutely Awesome!
3/17/2015 5:11:59 PM Edward Howse
On March 16, 2015 I attended a funeral at St. Ignatus RC Church in Bedford, NS. During the luncheon following the service, I struck up a conversation with a lady about the snow storms we were having and that NFLD was getting quite a bit of snow as well. She her grandfather came from NFLD (Pools Island) and I said I did as well (Wesleyville). She said her grandfather was Karl Fisher Kean from Pool's Island (via Flowers Island). Again, I said my grandfather was Edward Kean from Greenspond (vis Flowers Island). She then put me on to the Kean Family Home Page.

So, here is our connection. Samuel Kean (1772 -1822) had several children of which 2 were Samuel Kean (jr) (1819 - 1900) and William Kean (1810- 1887). Samuel Kean (jr) , again had several children, of which was John Cull Kean (1841 - 1911). John Cull and his four oldest sons drowned in a storm of Cape Freels enroute to Flowers Island. The bodies of the deceased were buried at Cape Freels. Mrs. Kean (John Cull Keans wife) moved into Greenspond with here 2 remaining children Lewelyn and Edward (my grandfather). Both Llewelyn and Edward have family members living in Wesleyville and other areas of NL.

From the Home Page, it is my understanding that Karl Fisher Kean was the son of Fredrick Thomas Kean (1860 - 1906) who would be Edward's (my grandfather) second cousin. Again, it is my understanding that Fredrick was the son of Bengiman (1838 - 1906), who was the son of William Kean (1810-1887). William and Samuel (jr. 1819-1900) were brothers.

I think the lady I met at the church was Margret Dupuy. For more info please contact me at email: emhowse@eastlink.ca

2/10/2015 8:52:53 PM Paula Keen Swaggert
Would like to know if any YDNA testing on
your Kean/Keen -My Keen line comes from
Johnston Co Nc through George Keen b:
1750? m 2nd wife Caty Goodrich-Our DNA
testing matches some of the Caines in
Newfoundland. Trying to find common
ancestor who came from Wiltshire England
12/21/2014 10:53:57 AM Ann Marie Kean
My name is Ann Marie. I am the daughter of Aubrey and Daisy Kean. My gradparents were William and Edith Emma Kean. My 18 year old daughter is Emma Evangeline Forrest. Drop in and say hi.
12/19/2014 1:37:23 PM Daniel Kean
I am the son of Wilson (Dean) Kean. I
have 5 uncles and 5 aunts on the Kean
side, and my grandfathers name was
also Wilson. He died in Corner Brook in
2009, leaving behind his wife, Ester
(Murray) and his enormous family. I got
my name after my great grandfather,
Daniel Kean (died 1979) , who was
married to Margaret Kean (died 2003). I
would like to gather more information
about who my great-great grandparents
are, and so on.
11/22/2014 4:20:13 PM Judith Urquhart
My father was Harry Borden Woodland
son of Michelle Jane Kean, born at Pools
Island NFLD, the daughter of Benjamin
Kean. Just discovered the website and
think its great.
6/18/2014 8:20:58 AM Murray Kean
I am the son of Douglas R. Kean who died in 1993 in Halifax N.S. I know his fathers name was William & he came from Newfoundland. Him & his wife Edith operarted a fish market in Halifax back in the 50's & 60's called Keans fish market.
11/2/2013 1:37:03 PM Samantha
I am Samantha Lovett and one of the many granddaughters of Algernon Philip Lovett and Marion Lillian Lovett, Daughter of Donn Lovett.
Just trying to start a little home business with what I love doing and that is anything dogs! Please help to share my website with yorur family and friends. Appreciated!
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